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We are excited to announce our partnership with NFP (National Financial Partners) which will allow us to deliver even more robust solutions to help meet your needs.
You will notice a name change as Poulos Insurance transitions to NFP.
This means we will continue our tradition of exceptional service,
only now with the ability to leverage the dynamic world-class NFP network.
As part of the NFP family, we are pleased to be able to provide:
Expanded offerings: A vast array of products and services extends across all channels – property and casualty, executive benefits, health and welfare, retirement, wealth management, estate planning and more.

Specialized intellectual capital: As your needs expand, we now have exclusive access to multiproduct expertise and strategies unique to NFP’s position as a top solutions provider.

Added peace of mind: Innovative new tools and resources coupled with NFP’s superior compliance record give you added confidence and security in protecting and preserving your assets.
Over the next few months, you’ll notice some changes as we rebrand, but several things will not change:
We will stay in our current locations and maintain our current contact numbers.
You will continue to work with the same people. Although you may hear a new name from time to time, the skilled and knowledgeable staff members you have come to know and trust are being retained in their existing roles.
We will continue to offer exceptional products and outstanding service.
We will remain committed to the local communities in which we serve.
Our relationship with you remains our top priority. We will keep you apprised as the transition is completed, and we welcome your calls or emails if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing us. With this new step, we’re more excited than ever about helping you protect and enhance your future.