Impact Consulting Group



About Us

When we choose to surround ourselves with good people that have chosen to become best-in-class at their chosen purpose, then there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. This becomes our ''Success Team''.

Impact Consulting Group operates as an Outsourced Chief Value Officer for small businesses. As your outsourced CVO, we will help you assemble your own Success Team so that you can maximize the impact your business has on your family, your employees, your community and yourself.

Impact Consulting Group has assembled a best-in-class Success Team to serve you.

Mission Driven:

Impact Consulting has three key objectives:

1) Equip clients to make important/impactful decisions from a position of confidence.

2) Enhance the transferable value of all small businesses.

3) Enhance the personal, professional, and financial satisfaction of the small business owner community.

To the degree that we can achieve our Mission, is the degree to which we will ''Eradicate Entrepreneurial Poverty''.