Volunteer Services Coordinator

Posted: 03/17/2023

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, interviewing and hiring volunteers and placing them in different roles throughout the hospital based on their interests, experience and qualifications.

  • Source and recruit volunteers through various methods and events. 
  • Assesses a volunteer’s skills, abilities and interests to determine the best placement in needed roles. 
  • Works with management to maintain a list of available appointments for both long-term placement and short-term projects needing assistance. 
  • Ensures volunteer coverage for the Moose Lodge Gift Shop. 
  • Assigns volunteers to fill in for unexpected needs or open shifts, using a prioritization system to determine which needs are most critical. 
  • Provides oversight for gift shop finances, operations and inventory. 
  • Arrange for appropriate training when needed, including any mandatory annual education. 
  • Produces schedules for everyday assignments, such as the front desk volunteer coverage. 
  • Assign responsibilities to the right teams of volunteers for large-scale and special events. 
  • Intervenes with management if any issues arise with a volunteer or their current assignment. 
  • Communicates frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed. 
  • Regularly disseminates information for upcoming events and needs. 
  • Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information, primary role, other assignments, and time committed to LRH. 
  • Coordinates a celebration and recognition of the annual Volunteers Week. 
  • Proven experience as a supervisor or similar position.
  • Experience in volunteering.
  • Experience in sourcing and recruiting through various channels.
  • Proficient in utilization of computer programs, including MS Office.
  • Able to communicate effectively with people across the entire organization.
  • Excellent organizational and team coordination abilities.
  • A pleasant, outgoing personality.
  • A degree related to the role is desired but not required.